This year we’ve provided the following services

Weekly/occasional change-overs for 15 holiday cottages

Cleaning and laundry services for 5 private clients

Daily housekeeping for a pub and B&B

Kathryn has over 15 years’ experience in the hospitality and catering industry, As the Cottage Elves expands our aim is to take on more staff and offer opportunities for young people to learn the trade.

We listen

We go the extra mile

We pay attention to detail

We're trustworthy



We're a local business


Our story

Kathryn first set up ‘The Ironing Fairy’ to make some money for her wedding then recently retired mum Carol started to help out with the expanding business when Kathryn was expecting her second child a year ago. Together we created ‘ The House Elves’

Over the past 6 months the core team has grown to 4 with additional support during the high season.

Some good to know figures…

Weekly/occasional holiday cottage change-overs

Cleaning and laundry services - private clients

Years established

Number of years experience in hospitality